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Building projects begin as an idea about improving or changing the physical world you inhabit. The process to make this change happen is often not immediately obvious to the prospective building owner. For homeowners, a knee-jerk reaction often is to call a builder in to wander around the home. But this is far too pre-emptive. Knowledge can be gained, but a builder is a player in what is actually the back end of the process.

It begins with a consideration of who will live in the house and how they want it to function. What are their needs and what do they want their home to feel?

Development: time frame, profitability, financials, marketability, development team, land availability

Renovator: family needs, time to complete and finance

Whether you are embarking on a renovation, new build, development, commercial shop fit out or institutional art gallery there is the common thread that possible works must be prepared for to provide suitability of structure, use and value. Stepping into the project a prospective building creator will need to establish and understand in their mind what can be possible. Their objective will come together piece by piece. 

The engagement of an architect can occur at different stages along this path depending on the familiarity of the process to develop by the owner. 

Marcus Vitruvius

Principles of Architecture

Architect eye_graphic_Red.png


This denotes something that is well-made and has a structure

Architect eye_graphic_Red.png


This means a design should have a function, a usage. A building’s function can be categorised into its primary space and its secondary space. The primary space will be the main function of the building (i.e. its rooms). The secondary space is what makes the building usable (i.e. corridor, toilets etc.)

Architect eye_graphic_Red.png


Signifies that a design must have beauty. This involves order, arrangement, eurhythmy and symmetry. For example, in a design, each component is considered separately as well as proportionally to the whole. It requires an arrangement and an adjustment dependant on its character

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