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Located in this quiet Melbourne bayside suburb now gaining renown for its modernist architecture from 1950s to present, these Beaumaris Townhomes set out set out to redefine what a townhouse can be. The design includes a rethink of internal and external spaces, experimenting with new materials and a fresh, distinctive colour palette. 


Sliding windows open onto an internal courtyard and a growing garden of leafy, shading plants. Natural light flows through this home throughout the day, reducing the need for cooling or heating. Beyond the courtyard is a private study/studio with ensuite bathroom and sliding floor/ceiling windows opening onto the courtyard. 


A striking single 'steel slice' forms an elegant, minimal balustrade to the upper level. The colour palette honours the local modernist homes that are so highly prized in this area of Bayside Melbourne. Indigenous landscaped gardens to the front and rear. More photos soon. 


A development by Robert Harwood Architect/Developer.

Completed in 2022. 

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